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Unlike most other Bakersfield solar companies that can only provide limited options and a forceful “Hard Sales Aproach”, we povide our customers with an “educational-based and simple approach” and can tailor our solar systems to fit our customer’s specific needs in a way other large Bakersfield solar companies cant. You can compare options and make an educated decision that is both right for you and one you won’t regret. We are the leading Bakersfield solar company serving the Kern County area including RosedaleDelanoArvinShafterWascoTaftVisaliaTehachapiOildale, and Rosamond cities!


Go solar with no upfront cost, pay only for power produced and get full warranty.


Low monthly payments with no upfront cost, tax incentives and full warranty.


No money down, fixed montly payments with full warranty.


No monthly payments, tax incentives and full warranty

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